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Taiwan, also known as Formosa, is an island located in the Western Pacific and East Asia with a tropical climate, annual typhoons and occasional earthquakes. It is governed as Taiwan Province under the Republic of China (ROC), along with the islands of Pescadores Islands, Orchid Island, Green Island, Taiping Island and Pratas Islands.

The islands of Quemoy and Matsu Islands are administered under a separate Fukien Province by the ROC government. Although Taipei City and Kaohsiung City are on Taiwan island, they are directly administered by the ROC government under the municipal system.

Taipei City is the de facto capital of ROC. And the government of Taiwan Province is located in Jhongsing Village, Nantou County.

The political status of Taiwan is a sensitive issue due to the existence of two Chinese governments that both claim sovereignty over all of China. Since the 1970s, many nations switched diplomatic recognition of China from Taipei to Beijing after the ROC lost its seat at the United Nations to the PRC. The ROC government has governed Taiwan since 1945, whereas the PRC has never had any jurisdiction over the island.  Source

Taiwan Facts

Population: 23 million

Capital: Taipei

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar

Area: 34,507 km2

Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese

Main Religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism

Calling Code: +886

Time Zone
: GMT + 8

Main Cities: Taipei, Kao-hsiung, Kaohsiung City, T’ai-chung-shih, Tainan City, Chi-lung, Hualian, Yun-lin, Ta-his-chen